What we’re reading: Insights on global health policy, and why, when funding doesn’t support disease-fighting goals, something’s got to give

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Goalkeepers: The stories behind the data – A companion piece to the data-dense Lancet review of health-related goals for 2030  released Tuesday, the stories behind the data told here focus on policies and practices that are pushing progress — through patient-focused health services, targeted use of new technologies, and greater investments — now. While acknowledging Lancet review findings that in even the best case scenario all of the health related targets set in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals will not be reached, this look at success in saving the lives of children under five, in reaching people with life-saving treatment for HIV and preventing infections, in breaking cycles of disease and impoverishment, backs the review’s conclusion that responsive policies and funding can still edge the world closer to achieving health equity and security.

Melinda Gates decries ‘loss of leadership’ in global aid – As “geeks at their core, with worldviews based on scientific principles and data,” according to this Washington Post article Melinda and Bill Gates are highlighting the stakes of White House proposals to cut U.S. funding and leadership against global infectious diseases. Here they discuss how the cuts will squander investments made so far and allow global health threats to spread unchecked.

Senators in search of foreign policy – This New York Times editorial explains why bipartisan Senators rejected the cuts to foreign aid proposed by the Trump Administration, and why the bill they produced instead is critical not just to global health but to U.S. standing and strength.


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