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At the tipping point – A decade and a half of U.S. global leadership against three infectious diseases has turned the trajectories of deadly pandemics and created a road map for ending the worldwide health threats posed by AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, as well as by outbreaks to come. But the advances led by the United States also have made controlling the diseases imperative — to realize enduring returns on investments made and to confront the growing challenge of resistance to treatments for all three diseases. This report from Friends of the Global Fight calls for increased — rather than the reduced funding called for in White House proposals, or flat funding provided by Congress — for research toward new biomedical answers, and for programming proven effective over the last decade and a half.

American leadership against deadly epidemics reaches a decision point – This opinion piece by Friends of the Global Fight President Chris Collins underscores those points, noting that the emergence of a fast-moving infectious disease outbreak is among the greatest safety and security threats facing the world.

Molecular Epidemiology and the Transformation of HIV Prevention – Covered at CROI 2018, testing for resistance to HIV treatments has yielded valuable data towards identifying and responding to clustered outbreaks of infection and offers a chance to identify care gaps as well. This JAMA commentary makes the case that optimizing the use of this knowledge, to halt rapid spread of HIV and control treatment resistance is a necessity, not a luxury.

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