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The intertwined pandemics of HIV and TB had been circling the globe for three decades when the last two years, with the overlapping public health crises of Ebola and Zika, brought global infectious diseases to the heightened attention of U.S. policy makers and funders. At the same time, however, media coverage of infectious disease threats around the world was continuing to diminish, as major outlets cut resources for domestic and international health reporting in favor of issues that seemed closer to home. That is where Science Speaks Blog comes in.

With daily posts, IDSA’s global health blog reminds readers that infectious diseases don’t observe national boundaries, and effective, evidence-based responses protect us all. With the on-the-ground experience of IDSA members and staff, Science Speaks informs readers of both global and domestic impacts and answers to infectious diseases.

IDSA’s Global Health Policy team established Science Speaks in 2009 to communicate critical developments in global HIV and tuberculosis and their impacts to policy makers, clinicians, advocates and journalists worldwide. Science Speaks has since expanded its coverage with breaking news, analysis and insights on emerging and resurgent infectious diseases issues worldwide, including Ebola, Zika, workforce needs and global antimicrobial resistance, and serves as a trusted resource for breaking news of biomedical research and development, as well as U.S. action on funding and programming.

Science Speaks highlights scientific news from IDSA journals, and from conferences that include IDWeek, CROI — the Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections — International AIDS Conferences, and the Union Lung Conference. Staff members also report on the policy making processes on Capitol Hill that affect infectious diseases responses worldwide, with coverage of Congressional briefings, hearings and appropriations actions. The perspective provided by the blog benefits from the input of IDSA members, elucidating the results of evidence-based policy and practice.

Science Speaks reaches readers around the world with the greatest numbers in the United States, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Canada, Netherlands, South Africa, Nigeria, India and Kenya, reflecting the broad range of information needs the blog serves.

To contact Science Speaks, please email Antigone Barton at abarton@idsociety.org.

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