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For HIV patients fewer clinic visits means better treatment retention, Zambia study finds

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Patients receiving care for HIV who were scheduled for clinic visits every six months were less likely to show up late, miss visits, have gaps in treatment, and drop off treatment rolls than patients scheduled every three months, a study in Zambia has shown. The study, the results of which are published today in Clinical […]

Community-based and comprehensive, response to HIV among people injecting drugs in Athens reversed climb in new cases

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Before 2011, when HIV infections among people who injected drugs in Athens, Greece rose suddenly and steeply, the epidemic of the virus in that country was classified as a low-level one; affecting less than 1 percent of the general population, and less than 5 percent of any of the populations at greatest risk. In the […]

Vacation time!

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Science Speaks is taking the last two weeks of August off. We’ll be in touch if news breaks. Otherwise, we’ll see you in September  . . . P.S.: For your summer reading pleasure in the meantime, see the  IDSA Global Health/Science Speaks report on AIDS 2016.