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Global health advocates breathed a sigh of relief yesterday when President Barack Obama signed a long-awaited spending bill for fiscal year 2009, which started in October.

As we noted in an earlier post, the measure’s fate appeared uncertain last week, as Republican objections and Democratic queasiness over the thousands of earmarks stalled the $410 billion spending package.

More than $1 billion in new global health money was at stake—including vital funding for HIV/AIDS and TB programs around the world.

But the bill cleared a final Senate hurdle earlier this week and Obama signed it into law Wednesday. In case you missed the earlier post, here are the highlights:

*a $300 million increase for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria

*a $7 million increase for USAID Infectious Diseases

*an extra $577 million for global health and child survival programs

*about $10 million for TB and $33 million for malaria

*$469 million for the Global HIV/AIDS Initiative

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