For TB, A New Test and A New Treatment?

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While the world’s leading TB scientists hunker down in state-of-the-art-tech labs on a quest for new TB diagnostics, three college seniors at North Carolina State University say they have developed a super-cheap, rapid-fire TB test that even an untrained person can use to detect the disease.


Click here to read more in a story by the Raleigh News & Observer.


Meanwhile, another exciting TB discovery comes to us from IDSA’s Richard Chaission. This one is on the potential for moxifloxacin, when given in combination with other drugs, to shorten the successful treatment regime for tuberculosis by several months, a crucial goal since the current 6 to 9 month treatment for standard TB hinders compliance and breeds drug-resistance.


In an article in the Lancet, Chaission and others write that “fluoroquinolone moxifloxacin is a promising new agent that might have additive activity to existing antituberculosis agents.”


Click here to see a summary of The Lancet article or here for a story on DGNews.

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