ART, Sooner Not Later

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A new study suggests that HIV infected patients should start antiretroviral treatment earlier.


Here’s the editor’s note accompanying the article in today’s online version of the Lancet:


“When to start antiretroviral treatment has been a problem for physicians dealing with patients with HIV infection. Most commonly the decision is based on CD4 counts, but just what is the best CD4 count for the start of treatment has not been clearly defined. This paper pools data from a number of large patient cohorts and provides the strongest evidence available for when to start HAART. These data should inform, and change, treatment of HIV patients.”


And here’s a link to the Lancet piece:


Reuters news service also reported on this study. Click here to read their story, which says, in part, “An analysis of more than 45,000 people with HIV in Europe and North America found they were 28 percent more likely to develop full-blown AIDS or die if they deferred treatment until the point currently recommended in many countries.”

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