Seeing an Opportunity in an Epidemic

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AIDS is not just a terrible problem to wring our hands over. It’s a unique opportunity to seek broader political and social change.


That refreshing, outside-the-box view comes from the new UNAIDS chief Michel Sidibe.


In an interview with AFP, Sidibe said AIDS should be viewed as “a political opportunity to trigger profound changes in society, to talk about difficult issues like sex education, homophobia and human rights issues in general like the position of women in society.”


And he made it clear that he viewed his new as a place to mount an revolution of sorts.

“I see UNAIDS as a political agent which has to demand change, I don’t see it as UNICEF or the World Health Organisation which very clearly outlined programs,” he said. “UNAIDS has to be the voice for the voiceless, it should have political courage,” according to Sidibe.

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