TB Scare Hits Obama's Hometown

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 “TB anywhere is TB everywhere.”


It’s a cliché, for sure, but an apt one given the headlines out of Chicago this weekend. “Doctor Possibly Exposed Hundreds to TB,” blares one news story. “Babies, Children May Be Among Those Exposed; No Other Confirmed Cases Yet.”


A first-year pediatric resident with a confirmed case of active tuberculosis was on rotation at three different Chicago-area hospitals for the last 10 months. Now, public health officials in and around Chicago are offering testing to hundreds of patients and staff members who may have been exposed to TB by the doctor.

“We are investigating a situation in which a physician may have unknowingly exposed patients and hospital co-workers,” Dr. Terry Mason of the Chicago Public Health Department said Friday.

We hope President Barack Obama has tuned in his political hometown.

Here’s a link to an ABC story on the situation. http://abcnews.go.com/Health/story?id=7315396&page=1

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