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Must-Read Blog on Gates-China Collaboration

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Rachel Nugent, a fellow global health blogger, posted a very interesting item yesterday on the partnership between the Bill &Melinda Gates Foundation and the Chinese government to combat TB. Calling the joint initiative “so multi-dimensional” and “so audacious,” Nugent writes, “… it just might work!”   Click here to read her posting. http://blogs.cgdev.org/globalhealth/2009/04/spiking-the-audacity-meter-at-gates.php    

Fogarty Grants Highlight U.S. Role in Combating HIV/AIDS

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The Fogarty International Center has awarded seven grants, totaling nearly $2.7 million, to train HIV/AIDS researchers in the developing world. The grants are part of the Fogarty International Center’s AIDS International Training and Research Program, which has trained nearly 2,000 foreign researchers. Most of those scientists remain in their home countries to work on HIV/AIDS; […]