Update: No + TB Tests in Chicago

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Chicago public radio reports that so far, no one exposed to a TB-infected doctor in Chicago has tested positive for the disease.

As we noted in a blog post on Monday, a first-year pediatric resident with a confirmed case of active tuberculosis was on rotation at three different Chicago-area hospitals for the last 10 months.

Here’s the latest from WBEZ in Chicago:

Three Chicago-area hospitals say so far, there’s no evidence that a doctor infected with tuberculosis spread the disease.

Just a relative handful of patients have been tested so far – several dozen, out of about 280 potentially exposed. Spokespeople at Northwestern Memorial, Children’s Memorial and Evanston Hospitals say no positive results have turned up. Tests on hundreds of staffers have also come back negative. Susan Gerber is chief medical officer at the Chicago Department of Public Health.

GERBER: Our initial testing is not indicating any spread. It’s preliminary and we are still early in the investigation, but we are encouraged by those results so far.

Most people can get tested through a skin-prick or blood analysis. But many of the patients are newborns – those tests are less effective for very young infants. Some of those children are getting chest X-rays. Health officials say TB tends to spread through prolonged contact, so the risk of catching it in the hospital is pretty slight

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