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As expected, the White House did nominate Dr. Eric Goosby to be the Global AIDS Coordinator on Monday.

Here’s a statement from the Global Center and HIVMA on his appointment.

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Global HIV/AIDS Experts Hail Choice of Eric Goosby to Head OGAC
Call on Obama to Fully Fund PEPFAR

The Center for Global Health Policy and the HIV Medicine Association applaud the choice of Eric Goosby, MD, as the new U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator. Goosby’s appointment is expected to be announced by the White House on Monday.  

Dr. Goosby has been at the forefront of HIV prevention and treatment—both domestically and internationally—since the epidemic first emerged in 1981; he is a seasoned clinician with extensive on-the-ground experience implementing HIV/AIDS programs across the globe, from San Francisco to South Africa.

A member of the Global Center’s scientific advisory committee and HIVMA’s board of directors, Dr. Goosby will bring new energy and vision to the Office of the U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator (OGAC) at a critical juncture in the global fight against HIV/AIDS. But Dr. Goosby will need adequate resources to make good on President Barack Obama’s campaign promise to dramatically expand AIDS treatment and prevention by spending an additional $1 billion per year. Dr. Goosby is an exceptional candidate who should not be hamstrung by ill-considered and unnecessary budgetary decisions that short-change global AIDS.

“Dr. Goosby is an outstanding choice,” said Kenneth Mayer, MD, co-chair of Global Center’s scientific advisory committee and a professor at Brown University, where he directs the AIDS Program. “He’s been on the front-lines of the AIDS epidemic as a clinician and in his distinguished previous government service.”

Goosby’s extensive experience, medical talents and close ties with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will allow him to move the nation’s global AIDS program forward in new ways. “Dr. Goosby is uniquely qualified to promote expanded access to lifesaving, evidence-based prevention and treatment services, stronger U.S. investments in health systems, and better integration of HIV care with tuberculosis and other vital health services,” said HIVMA Chair Arlene Bardeguez, MD, MPH. “We look forward to working with him on these critical issues in his new role.”

Early on in the epidemic, Dr. Goosby served as the principal investigator for several AIDS clinical trials and crafted innovative strategies to treat and retain HIV-infected intravenous drug users in his work at San Francisco General Hospital.
He also developed unparalleled policy experience, serving as a top adviser on domestic HIV/AIDS policy during the Clinton administration; he was the director of the Office of HIV/AIDS Policy in the Department of Health and Human Services and the deputy director of the White House National AIDS Policy Office.

More recently, Dr. Goosby has turned his attention to the global epidemic; he has helped develop sustainable HIV/AIDS treatment programs in the developing world, from Rwanda to the Ukraine. His international work has given him a deep appreciation for the toll that tuberculosis takes on people with HIV. TB is the most common opportunistic infection among people living with HIV/AIDS.

The Center for Global Health Policy is an organization of physicians and scientists dedicated to promoting the effective use of U.S. funding for addressing the global HIV/AIDS and TB epidemics by providing scientific and policy information to policymakers, federal agencies, non-governmental organizations, and the media. The Center, a project of the Infectious Diseases Society of America and its sister organization, the HIV Medicine Association (HIVMA), is based in Arlington, Va.

The HIV Medicine Association (HIVMA) is the professional home for more than 3,600 physicians, scientists and other health care professionals dedicated to the field of HIV/AIDS. Nested within the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA), HIVMA promotes quality in HIV care and advocates policies that ensure a comprehensive and humane response to the AIDS pandemic informed by science and social justice. IDSA is a professional society representing more than 8,600 physicians and scientists who specialize in infectious diseases.


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