Daily Archives: April 30, 2009

New Global Health Site Launched by Kaiser

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The Kaiser Family Foundation has added a new section to their website, devoted entirely to global health issues.   The site has a wealth of resources. There’s “policy tracker” that provides information on global-health related congressional and administrative actions. There’s a global “fast-facts” section that gives you stats on how many people have HIV, TB […]

Swine Flu of Particular Concern for HIV-positive Patients

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The threat of swine flu could be particularly grave for people infected with HIV, so the Centers for Disease Control has published interim guidelines for doctors treating HIV- positive patients.   Here’s a link to the guidelines, http://www.cdc.gov/swineflu/guidance_HIV.htm. And here’s the CDC’s intro to those guidelines:   “Any influenza carries potential risks for persons with HIV infection. […]

Vertical vs. Horitonal and the Future of PEPFAR

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With PEPFAR seemingly at risk of being shortchanged by the Obama administration, there was a special urgency to Wednesday’s Capitol Hill briefing about the future of global health programs. The debate was framed, in health advocate speak, as vertical vs. horizontal. In other words, are vertical programs like PEPFAR, focused specifically on HIV/AIDS, draining money and […]