Swine Flu of Particular Concern for HIV-positive Patients

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The threat of swine flu could be particularly grave for people infected with HIV, so the Centers for Disease Control has published interim guidelines for doctors treating HIV- positive patients.


Here’s a link to the guidelines, http://www.cdc.gov/swineflu/guidance_HIV.htm.

And here’s the CDC’s intro to those guidelines:


“Any influenza carries potential risks for persons with HIV infection. It is known that adults and adolescents with HIV infection, especially persons with low CD4 cell counts, are at higher risk for viral and bacterial lower respiratory tract infections and for recurrent pneumonias. Because adults and adolescents infected with HIV experience more severe complications of seasonal influenza, it is reasonable to assume that they are also at higher risk for swine influenza complications.”


In addition, The World Health Organization (WHO) published guidelines for treament of the swine flu with HIV– positive  patients.


Here is the link to there guidelines,


And here’s an intro to those guidelines:


“There is no documented information on clinical interactions beteween HIV and influenza A(H1N1) virus (Swine Flu), whose transmission, incubationperiod and clinical manifestations have generally been similar to those of seasonal influenza viruses. There is insufficent information on complications and spectrum of illnesses but complications are likely to be similar to those of seasonal influenza. Age and other groups with increased risk for complications of the current influenza A(H1N1) are under investigation.


Reuters did a story on the convergence of these two diseases yesterday. Click here to read that piece, which says that as this new strain of flu “continues to spread epidemiologists worry that swine flu could have a devastating impact on people whose immune systems are weak due to the AIDS virus or other diseases.”




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  1. Kenneth A Yongabi

    it is even advisable for HIV patients with low CD4 counts not to carry out animal husbandry.The inccidence of Zoonotic Diseases in HIV patients in Cameroon and in subsaharan africa seems progressive.HIV patients in these countries are predominantly agrarian and most use animal manure(unsterilized) to fertilize farm fields(eg swine and poultry manure etc).Animal waste treatment policies have to be reinforced especially at a time where new pandemics are springing up.
    K.A Yongabi,
    Phytobiotechnology Research Foundation and Clinics.
    P.0.Box 921,bamenda,cameroon


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