Global Health & the G8 Summit

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The Group of 8 Summit has not gotten underway yet (the official kick-off is tomorrow), but we already have a little bit of global health-related news, via to David Olson, the Global Health Council’s Director of Policy Communications.

Olson is liveblogging here from the G8 meeting and in his first post, he reports that a delegation from the Global Call to Action Against Poverty, an umbrella group of NGOs, managed to get a personal meeting with Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi at which they delivered a letter outlining key demands on global health. The letter calls on the G8 leaders to:

• Fully fund the Global Fund to Fight HIV-AIDS, TB and Malaria;

• Align the G-8’s aid for health with the developing country governments’ health strategies;

• Act upon the Kampala Declaration to reach the target of 4.1 health workers per 1,000, thus hiring the 4.25 million health workers needed immediately;

• To deliver, as agreed at the G-8 in Heiligendamm in 2007 and reaffirmed in Tokyo in 2008, $60 billion by 2011 to fight pandemics as well as $1.5 billion to improve maternal, newborn and child health and scale up this support for an additional $10.2 billion per year.

Olson writes that Prime Minister Berlusconi offered to circulate this letter to the other seven heads of state at the upcoming summit.

In addition to Olson’s live blogging, another group of poverty and health advocates has organized a central site for bloggers and others to pull together relevant analysis and resources from the G8 meeting. Check it out and add your two cents!

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