Ken Mayer, Center's Co-Chair, Talks About Obama's Global Health Plan on NPR

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Dr. Kenneth Mayer, co-chair of the Center’s Scientific Advisory Committee and a professor of medicine at Brown University, talked about the benefits of using PEPFAR as a platform on which to build broader health systems in this NPR story that aired this morning.

NPR’s Brenda Wilson takes a look at President Obama’s global health plan, with its new focus on maternal and child health. The hook for the story was a visit to the Capitol by some health officials from Afghanistan, but it pivots to a broader debate over the future of US global health spending and delves into the fear among HIV/AIDS experts that Obama’s new plan will short-change funding to combat the deadly AIDS epidemic at a critical moment.

Dr. Mayer makes the point that PEPFAR has created a strong foundation that the government can use to broaden its global health efforts; we should not walk away from that in favor of the latest new idea, he says.

“The scaling-up process of PPEFAR is something that can be built upon and certainly shouldn’t be seen as ‘that’s the old model, and now we’re going to start from scratch with a new model’,” Dr. Mayer tells Wilson. “I don’t think we have the time to do that. I don’t think we have the resources to do that.”

Click here to hear the full story.

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