Update: Clinton's Speech Not So Illuminating on Global Health

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As we mentioned in this post yesterday, there was a certain degree of hubbub about a “major policy speech” by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and what insights it might provide into the administration’s  approach to foreign aid.

Alas, Clinton’s speech wasn’t so major after all, at least when it comes to global health issues. Here’s the text of her remarks. When she mentioned the word “health,” there wasn’t much there there.

Here’s the most relevent piece of what she said about health in the development/aid context:

“Our development agenda will also focus on women as drivers of economic growth and social stability. Women have long comprised the majority of the world’s unhealthy, unschooled, and underfed. They are also the bulk of the world’s poor. The global recession has had a disproportionate effect on women and girls, which in turn has repercussions for families, communities, and even regions. Until women around the world are accorded their rights – and afforded the opportunities of education, health care, and gainful employment – global progress and prosperity will have its own glass ceiling.”

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