IAS: Investment in HIV Programs Has Many Good Side Effects

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As the 5th IAS Conference drew to a close, the society released a broad-brush statement summarizing some of the scientific and policy highlights of the meeting. The bottom line is that money spent treating and preventing HIV in the developing world also helps improve health and strenghten health systems.

This is no small point at a time when the Obama Administration is looking for a cost-effective way to bolster US global health programs and appears to be rethinking the emphasis on global AIDS.

New evidence illustrates “how investments in HIV have contributed to reductions in infant mortality and TB incidence, improved access to health services for women, and expanded health systems capacity,” the IAS wrote on its blog today. “As a result of investments in HIV, clinics and hospitals are being refurbished; laboratory and diagnostic capacity is being strengthened; additional cadres of health workers are being mobilized; and morale among health workers is greatly lifted.”

Click here to read the full IAS statment and here to read the blog. 

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