New TB Diagnostics Website Unveiled

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As scientists scramble to find new TB diagnostic tools to replace the antiquated and often unreliable sputum microscopy, there is now a one-stop shop to help keep track of developments in this fast-moving field.

The Stop TB Partnership’s New Diagnostics Working Group launched the site, which you can find here, in collaboration with several other groups, including the Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics, and the Global Laboratory Initiative.

The website aims to provide “the most comprehensive single source of evidence synthesis, policies, guidelines and research agendas on TB diagnosis,” as the Stop TB Partnership says in its press release unveiling the site. On the site, you can find detailed information on the TB diagnostics pipeline, scientific review articles assessing different TB tests, TB research agendas, and other helpful information.

One thought on “New TB Diagnostics Website Unveiled

  1. Peter

    I think Stop TB Partnership is a great initiative, simply because in an interconnected modernity such as this, it’s important to establish information sources available for all the public. Mainly, because the more information, the more protection we get. It’s vital to make a tuberculosis test just to prevent from any risk.


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