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Duke/Tanzania HIV Partnership Responds to Other Pressing Health Concerns

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This post is by Center Director Christine Lubinski, who attended the Sept. 14-15 conference at the NIH of the Consortium of Universities for Global Health. This is her final post from the session. If the Obama Administration needs a blueprint for integrated global health care as it fleshes out its Global Health Initiative, this Duke/Tanzania collaboration might […]

With No Magic Bullet, Researchers Examine One-Two Punch against HIV Acute Infection

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If there’s one thing scientists can safely conclude about HIV/AIDS after nearly three decades of research, it’s that there is no single “magic bullet” on the horizon to prevent this deadly disease. Until a safe, effective vaccine hits the pipeline, a whole cache of medical weapons will be needed to curb HIV transmission. That is […]

Getting Global Health on the Congressional Agenda

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Can Congress help stoke the interest in—and effectiveness of—university global health programs? Who better to take up that question than John Porter, a former member of Congress who chaired the House appropriations subcommittee with jurisdiction over NIH. Porter challenged the university global health leaders at this week’s Consortium of Universities for Global Health meeting, held […]