Sen. Brown Tells White House Not to Neglect TB

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Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, has asked the White House to make tuberculosis a focal point of its Global Health Initiative.

As the Obama Administration works to flesh out the all-important details of its six-year $63 billion GHI plan, Brown sent a letter to the White House saying it is “imperative” that TB be part of the strategy to combat diseases around the world.

“TB kills nearly 2 million people each year and is the leading killer of people with HIV/AIDS,” Brown wrote in the Nov. 17 missive. “In many cases, AIDS patients receiving drugs thanks to American aid die for lack of TB treatment.”

Brown also pointed out the role an aggressive U.S. TB strategy could have in shoring up key American allies and in strengthening maternal health, a cornerstone of the GHI.

“Global aids for TB control and prevention will also advance women’s rights, which I know is a priority for your administration,” Brown says. “TB is the leading curable infectious killer of women, claiming even more women’s lives than maternal mortality.”

The Administration first announced its Global Health Initiative in May, but crucial details have yet to be released. The White House is reportedly crafting those detals now but it’s unclear when the full plan will be released publicly.

Here is a link to Brown’s letter.

111709 TB Letter to the President

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  1. Peg Willingham

    Thank you for this great post. Sherrod Brown has a long and distinguished record of being the Congress’s leading champion on tuberculosis; his leadership in this area has been laudable. We applaud his hard work in bringing TB to the forefront of global health in the government, which is greatly needed. Senator Brown is absolutely correct that the US government needs to invest more in TB. Currently AIDS and malaria are already commendable focuses of presidential initiatives, but TB should not be left behind. As a disease which kills almost 2 million a year, TB merits significant attention and investment as well. Though directly assisting patients in need is important, as Senator Brown mentions, the real game-changers will be new developments in research. TB vaccines hold the promise of preventing and ultimately eliminating this disease, and the Lantos-Hyde Act has authorized funding for this important research. We appreciate Senator Brown’s highlighting vaccines and other important research in his letter to the President, and we too hope that funding for TB programs and R&D will be included in the administration’s Global Health Initiative.


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