Haitians with HIV Face New Challenges in Accessing Care

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Coping with HIV/AIDS in Haiti is difficult enough in normal times. But post-earthquake, getting access to care and life-saving drugs has suddenly become much harder.

In response, Housing Works and other HIV groups have launched a new effort to help people with HIV/AIDS in Haiti. “We have formed a coalition with Aid for AIDS, Diaspora, and the Caribbean Women’s Health Association that is going to facilitate the opening of PHAP+’s clinic for people living with AIDS and HIV,” writes Housing Works President Charles King in this blog, posted as he returned from a trip to Haiti’s ravaged capital.

“We are also going to support the reopening of the Diaspora-sponsored family health center, and we are going to help the folk in San Marc assess their need for a clinic for PWA’s who have fled to that City.” Click here to read more of King’s posts on his trip to Haiti or here to find other ways to help with the medical relief efforts in Haiti.

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