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Don't miss the April 1 online presentation on treatment as prevention

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Can ARV treatment be used to prevent HIV infection?  What are the implications?  How far along is the science? Mark your calendar to hear an online presentation and discussion on treatment as prevention, Thursday, April 1 at 10am EDT. You can ask questions via the web as it is taking place, and you can also […]

Maternal Health and HIV/AIDS in CSIS Report

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This posting is by Rabita Aziz, Program Associate at the IDSA/HIVMA Global Center The new report by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) Commission on Smart Global Health Policy  calls for the U.S. to double contributions to better maternal and child health, to $2 billion a year.  Such investments should be focused on […]

Reactions to the New CSIS Report on "Smart Global Health Policy"

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The Center for Strategic and International Studies yesterday unveiled  a new “must-read” report for global health advocates, “Smart Global Health Policy.” While a panel at the Congressionally-chartered Institute of Medicine, made up primarily of scientists, issued recommendations on US global health policy last year, the CSIS panel is the first to involve high-level business leaders […]