Boston Globe: USG Telling Some PEPFAR Clinics to Stop Enrolling New Patients

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This Boston Globe story documents, for the first time, how U.S. government officials have told some PEPFAR-funded clinics to stop enrolling new HIV patients on lifesaving treatment.

“People are struggling to find resources to honor the commitments we have made,’’ Ambassador Eric Goosby, US global AIDS coordinator, told the Globe. “We’re not at a cap point yet. If it gets worse, we’ll have another discussion.’’

The story is a must-read for those concerned about the future of PEPFAR and the US commitment to fighting global AIDS. The paper reports that the decision “was prompted by tighter budgets as well as a debate over how limited global health care dollars can be spent most effectively, has sparked fears among AIDS advocates that the Obama administration is curtailing its commitment to a program that provides lifesaving drugs for 2.4 million people and that many view as President Bush’s most successful foreign policy legacy.” Click here for the full article.

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