Dr. Goosby and Others React to Times Global AIDS Stories

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Last Monday’s New York Times stories, detailing the consequences of the faltering battle against global AIDS, has triggered an outpouring of reaction.

For starters, there was this May 13 editorial by the Times itself, which noted that the war against AIDS, spearheaded by the US, had “racked up enormous successes over the past decade.” The editorial says that part of the current problem stem’s from the Obama Administration’s decision to shift its attention to improving child and maternal health and to push countries “to improve their medical delivery systems, manage their own AIDS programs and contribute more of their own funds.”

“Those are good goals,” the paper’s editorial board wrote. “But the AIDS pandemic is still spreading. And the goal of universal access to treatment remains a distant dream.”

In addition, there have been at least eight letters to the editor, representing a broad range of views about the stories and issues they raised. One notable response came from Dr. Eric Goosby, Obama’s US Global AIDS Coordinator, who defended the Administration. Goosby said the stories painted “an unjustifiably negative picture of the global AIDS fight and America’s role in it.

“…While challenges remain,” Goosby write, “we are building on and expanding our successes, not walking away from them. This is a global responsibility, and we are using this success story to invite other governments and donors to join us in meeting it.”

Here are links to all the letters.

The first four: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/05/15/opinion/l15aids.html

 Another four published on the web: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/05/16/opinion/lweb16aids.html?ref=opinion

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