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Fauci was asked by a reporter from Voice of America about the implications of reduced funding for the PEPfAR program on global health and whether it would lead to people being turned away from clinics and people dying.

“There are no resources in the world right now that will treat every single person who needs to be treated. The demand far exceeds the resources.” Fauci said PEPfAR has had  a major impact but much more needs to be done. “I am totally in favor of universal access for everyone who needs therapy but that isn’t going to happen with current resources. To deny there is a problem is unrealistic.”

Fauci also challenged those who say PepFar has been flatlined.  “Pepfar has not been cut. The increase from year to year has not been as steep as the slope has been but it has been incorporated into a much broader global health initiative. We are living in a resource limited situation.”

But patient activist Mark Harrington of the Treatment Action Group disagreed, saying White House funding for HIV and TB right now is “grossly insufficient.”

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