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Starting today, we here at Science Speaks are going to try something new: Every Wednesday, we are going to feature stories from around the blogosphere and elsewhere that we have been reading – and that we believe will be of interest to you.

Because this is something new for us, any feedback you have would be much appreciated. And please do not hesitate to make suggestions for future posts!

  • The new issue of The Lancet features a number of stories on TB, including some focusing on HIV/TB coinfection, XDR-TB, and tactics for addressing the epidemic.
  • Alanna Shaikh has an interesting post at End the Neglect on a new paper on the current debate on how to best combat neglected tropical diseases, looking into their arguments on addressing the social determinants, mass drug administration, and primary prevention.  Ultimately she makes a good point – the approaches are not mutually exclusive and can and should co-exist.

  • U.S. Representative Barbara Lee (D-CA), chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, and IAVI president Seth Barkley have a post worth reading at the Huffington Post. It looks at the current efforts from the U.S. government to address the international AIDS epidemic, as well as what is to come.  Among other things, they call for more specifics from the Obama Administration on its Global Health Initiative, including a “strong commitment to researching and developing new global health technologies, such as an AIDS vaccine.”

Video was produced by Physicians for Human Rights. It was also included in the End the Neglect post mentioned above.

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