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Below is a sampling of reading material here at Science Speaks that you might find interesting. Let us know your thoughts!

  • A study released this week found that the mining industry may be a driving force in the TB epidemic in Sub-Saharan Africa.  From lead author Dr. David Stuckler of Oxford University: “It’s well known that miners have the highest risk of tuberculosis of any occupational group in the world, especially in sub-Saharan Africa.  But the striking finding of our study was that not just miners are at risk…these risks are spread to their families, communities and entire countries.”
  • Given recent attention to the undeniable link between maternal health and HIV, particularly on this blog, you might be interested in a study released last month (PDF) from the Kaiser Family Foundation looking at the U.S. role in global maternal health.
  • The Hill published an opinion piece on its Congress Blog on Monday written by 5 leaders in global health on restoring foreign aid for global health, touching on the Global Health Initiative among other things. The piece demands that the U.S. expand their efforts to support global public health efforts, particularly for HIV and TB.
  • CSIS published a report a few weeks ago on building U.S. diplomatic capacity for global health, which discusses the impact of U.S. policy on the rest of the world.  The piece argues for improved capacity and makes specific recommendations to build that capacity.
  • Finally, VOA News has an article about a new campaign in South Africa that links the upcoming World Cup to HIV prevention efforts. Over the next 6 months, the government and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria will fund efforts to distribute 1 billion condoms in response to concerns that “reckless behavior” due to excitement around the World Cup “might lead to further spread of HIV.”

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