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This week’s reading list is here. As usual, let us know your thoughts!

  • Is the HIV/AIDS rate in South Africa finally slowing? An article on AllAfrica.com says yes, pointing to a 35 percent decline in new infections between 2002 and 2008 (Many thanks to the One Blog’s reading list this week for this piece!).
  • The Stop TB Partnership has been developing a series of videos shot in South Africa with British R&B star Craig David. The most recent of these is included with this post. It’s an interview with Dr. Sizulu Moyo, a TB researcher at Stellenbosch University.  I pulled a quote from Dr. Moyo in the video that stood out to me here, but I’d also recommend taking watching the video for yourself: “I became a doctor because I cared about people. And now as I’m working in TB, it’s not only about the documents you read in a nice brochure, it’s not about the presentations you make. I think it’s about real people…TB is about real people, real families, and real communities.”
  • CNN did a piece this week on AIDS funding in Uganda. Uganda’s AIDS program has gone a long way towards controlling the epidemic in the country, but the stagnant PEPFAR funding this year threatens the program’s success.
  • A post on Change.org’s Global Poverty Blog discusses mandatory HIV testing, looking at both sides of the debate – with significant potential health benefits on the one hand, and privacy concerns on the other. I’d be interested to hear any reader thoughts on this. What do you think?

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