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This week’s reading list is below. Let me know if you have anything to add for next week!

  • A Foreign Policy article this week looks closely at the Obama Administration’s approach to global health through its Global Health Initiative. Weighing the shift to a more expansive program, the article examines what that means for HIV/AIDS funding and poses a question: Is AIDS still an emergency?
  • There was another article on the “AIDS funding dilemma” a few weeks ago in Miller-McCune, about which Alanna Shaikh at UN Dispatch has a great post up as well.
  • A VOA story this week talks about TB as a treatable and preventable disease that can be defeated. The barrier? Most people do not have a clear understanding of the disease.  A video (accompanies this post) includes an interview from South African TV personality Gerry Elsdon, who works to de-stigmatize TB.  In the video she says, “This illness knows no borders. It does not discriminate. It knows no creed and it certainly is not a disease of the poor.”
  • According to a post on allAfrica.com, Uganda is considering criminalizing the spread of HIV. Andrew Green has a post at Change.org’s Global Poverty blog that this would not have the intended effect of reducing transmission – in fact, he argues, it will just deter people from getting tested in the first place. Also at Change.org’s Global Poverty blog this week is a post on Uganda’s condom shortage.
  • And finally, a story on CNN’s Inside Africa covers a South African Zulu king’s fight to revive male circumcision as a means to stem the spread of HIV.

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