Lantos Foundation Says Lantos-Hyde Vision Now "Faltering"

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Today a powerful statement was issued by the Foundation created to carry on the legacy of Representative Tom Lantos, the US legislator and Holocaust survivor who, before he passed away, played a leading role in reauthorizing PEPFAR.  The Lantos Foundation is chaired by Lantos’ widow, Annette Lantos.  Read the full statement

An excerpt:

“Before he died, [Tom Lantos] spoke often about the Lantos-Hyde law, because he saw HIV/AIDS as a defining moral issue for our time. He called the lack of access to treatment a “fundamental injustice.”

But, today, the legacy of a bold and hopeful vision for the future for millions suffering from and affected by HIV, left to us by Tom Lantos and Henry Hyde, is faltering.

A tiny fraction of the U.S. budget is needed to fully fund the programs authorized by Lantos-Hyde. Maintaining this level of commitment to the international fight against misery provides a clear example to the international community. This is the type of leadership that Tom Lantos, Henry Hyde, and all the supportive Democratic and Republican congressmen and congresswomen envisioned.

The U.S. must remain steadfast, courageous, and committed to defeating the AIDS pandemic and mitigating its heartbreaking implications for children and families. President Obama and Congress need to join together to put America back on course to keeping its promises.”

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