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Gates Calls for Scale-Up of Evidence-Based Prevention

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Vienna – Bill Gates told a packed audience at IAS 2010 that his Foundation is committed to AIDS for the long haul, while highlighting the need to maximize resources by scaling up the prevention strategies we can count on; male circumcision, prevention of mother to child transmission (PMTCT) and HIV treatment as prevention. Gates characterized […]

Twenty-four Members of US House Warn About HIV Treatment Slowdown

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A letter from 24 members of the US House of Representatives is requesting a detailed global HIV/AIDS treatment strategy from US Global AIDS Coordinator, Ambassador Eric Goosby. Echoing concerns raised last week by the Lantos Foundation, the letter states in part: We are concerned that reported decisions to stop new enrollment for HIV/AIDS treatment at […]

Clinton to activists: Get more votes in Congress for AIDS funding

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Filed by Meredith Mazzotta from Vienna “This is only the end of the beginning,” former President Bill Clinton said at the Monday morning plenary session of the International AIDS Conference in Vienna. “We have to transition now from what has essentially been a ‘make-it-up-as-you-go’ initial response to a calculated, long-term response.“ Part of that response, […]