Twenty-four Members of US House Warn About HIV Treatment Slowdown

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A letter from 24 members of the US House of Representatives is requesting a detailed global HIV/AIDS treatment strategy from US Global AIDS Coordinator, Ambassador Eric Goosby. Echoing concerns raised last week by the Lantos Foundation, the letter states in part:

We are concerned that reported decisions to stop new enrollment for HIV/AIDS treatment at US funded facilities, compounded with recent Administration budget requests for HIV/AIDS funding that do not keep pace with the demonstrated global need could lead to potentially serious treatment problems in the field. …

Congress and the Administration made bold commitments with the passage of the Lantos-Hyde Act in 2008, and the current goal of treating at least 4 million people living with HIV/AIDS through US supported programs is one which we all share. …

We respectfully request clarification on the Administration’s overall treatment strategy for reaching the goal of providing AIDS treatment to 4 million people, including details on yearly goals and targets, progress made towards achieving such treatment targets, and the extent to which AIDS treatment programs are integrated with existing health services on a country by country basis.

Click HERE to read the full letter.

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