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When to Start in Uganda

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The following post is by HIVMA Executive Director Andrea Weddle, reporting from the International AIDS Conference in Vienna. “There’s no separate science for the rich and poor. The research applies to both,” said Dr. Peter Mugyenyi when asked whether “when to start to HIV treatment” was a real question for Uganda and countries in sub-Saharan […]

A Marriage Made in Hell: HIV/TB Co-Infection

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Vienna — “Slow, timid, and uncoordinated.” Those were the words Tony Harries, Senior Adviser to the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease, used to describe the response to deadly HIV/TB co-infection, with its 40 percent mortality. Harries opened the session of TB and HV Management in High-Prevalence Settings Wednesday morning at the 18th International […]

Post CAPRISA: Fauci Describes Another PrEP Trial Underway

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During a press conference Tuesday at the International AIDS Conference in Vienna, Anthony Fauci, MD, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at NIH, describes the Vaginal and Oral Interventions to Control the Epidemic (VOICE) trial. The study is testing the safety and efficacy of microbicide gel containing the ARV drug tenofovir, […]