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What we’re reading this week has arrived. All comments welcome.

  • A post at the Blog 4 Global Health from the Global Health Council discusses male circumcision as an HIV prevention strategy that is already tested and ready for use. Male circumcision reduces HIV transmission by as much as nearly 60%.
  • At the Huffington Post, Isobel Coleman writes about how two studies released in Vienna – the CAPRISA vaginal gel and another finding that monthly cash payments to school-age girls can change their sexual behavior – give women the much-needed ability to protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases.
  • The Washington Post’s On Faith blog included a post this week that called for religious institutions to get involved in the fight against TB.
  • Finally, Te-Ping Chen at Change.org’s Global Poverty blog writes about the link between HIV and intravenous drug use. Chen writes: “Unless [the global community] stops sidelining that companion disease – addiction – …the fight against HIV/AIDS will continue to waver.”

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