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This week’s reading list is below. If you have anything to add for next week, please let us know!

  • The Globe and Mail has an opinion piece by Alan Bernstein and Peter Piot, two leaders in the world of HIV.  They use the opportunity to argue for smarter HIV research that takes less time and money. From the article:

HIV is too great a challenge, and the results of these trials too promising, to continue with hesitant approaches to prevention research. This epidemic is a holdover from the 20th century. It is time for 21st-century research approaches that will speed the effort to end it.

  • Change.org has a great piece on a recent study finding that MTV’s Shuga – a television show in Kenya that aims to temper the spread of HIV among the country’s youth – has had great success. 90 percent of those polled reported that Shuga had impacted the way they thought about the virus.
  • The Daily Monitor, a major news outlet in Uganda, has an article about President Obama’s meeting with young African leaders in the White House last Tuesday. President Obama, as quoted in the piece:

In Africa, empowering women is going to be critical to reducing the transmission rate [of HIV/AIDS] because so often women, not having any control over sexual practices and their own body, end up having extremely high transmission rates.

  • A piece in Bloomberg Businessweek discusses the role of pharmaceutical companies in the research and distribution of HIV drugs.
  • Aidsmap reports on a new study finding that patients taking TB treatment could be infectious for longer than previously thought – up to 2 months after beginning treatment.  The prevailing belief was that patients would cease to be infections 2 weeks after starting treatment.

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