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Secretary Clinton: Countries need to take the lead in their own health care

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Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke to students of the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies on Monday regarding the Global Health Initiative. Her speech focused on “how the Obama Administration is building upon our country’s long standing commitment to global health,” she said, with an emphasis on integrating and improving existing health programs, but in a new way. One that pursues a sustainable delivery system in which countries develop their own capacity to support the health of their own people.

A Scientific Update:

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Here are some quick summaries of technological newsmakers from the past week: New microscope for TB detection – portable and a fraction of the cost: Developing countries that lack the expensive lab equipment needed to detect tuberculosis might soon have a portable, low cost alternative. A study in PLoS One magazine reports, “A new $240 microscope […]

What We're Reading

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This week from Science Speaks: The One Blog posted Friday on a woman in Zimbabwe who, while caring for family members with AIDS, found that soy milk can provide much needed nutrients to AIDS patients in a form they can easily digest.  Though her family has since passed away, she now supplies soy milk to […]