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This week from Science Speaks:

  • The One Blog posted Friday on a woman in Zimbabwe who, while caring for family members with AIDS, found that soy milk can provide much needed nutrients to AIDS patients in a form they can easily digest.  Though her family has since passed away, she now supplies soy milk to hospitals around the country.
  • Maria Eitel, president of the Nike Foundation, has a piece at the Huffington Post on the importance of focusing HIV prevention efforts on women and girls. She cites a study finding that girls in Malawi given cash payments had a 60% lower HIV infection rate than those in the control group.  Eitel says the payments enable the girls to invest in their education and well-being:

“When a girl has assets other than her body, priorities in the family shift rapidly. She transitions from economic burden to economic actor, and everyone around her is better off for it.”

  • The Body Odd, a blog from MSNBC, has a post on giant rats with the ability to sniff out tuberculosis. A pilot program in Tanzania found that the rats have improved detection rates by 44% – the rats often identify TB that was missed by human researchers.

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