Advocates thank Ambassador Goosby for prevention guidance for injection drug users

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HIV/AIDS advocates from more than 50 organizations, including the IDSA/HIVMA Center for Global Health Policy, sent a letter last week to Ambassador Eric Goosby, MD, U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator, thanking him for releasing the revised the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) guidance on “Comprehensive HIV Prevention for People Who Inject Drugs.” Sent out on Thursday, the letter applauds the inclusion of targetted prevention services in the new guidance.

“The guidance represents an historic step forward in the U.S. response to global AIDS.  We know that you have personally worked on this issue for more than a decade and we thank you for your commitment,” the letter states.

Previous guidance from PEPFAR did not incorporate harm reduction strategies such as clean needle exchange programs and supported interventions only for injection drug users (IDU) who were already infected with HIV.  The Center for Global Health Policy and other organizations focused on the needs of this marginalized subpopulation welcomed this evidence-based comprehensive guidance.

One thought on “Advocates thank Ambassador Goosby for prevention guidance for injection drug users

  1. Dr.Prakash Sanchetee

    Thanking to Ambassador Eric Goobby doing noble work to
    revised the PEPFAR new guidance for globally as IDUs,very
    helpful for developing countries for go ahead.
    Need more commitment to develop easy way to reach
    to common people,more focus on training ,resource,delivery
    and follow-up.
    Dr.Prakash Sanchetee
    Medical Consultant & Project Director of SCIR-NGO/CBO
    working for HIV/AIDs,IDUs,OST,CONDOM & others.
    Address—A/120,Lake Garden,Kolkata,INDIA.


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