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The One Blog this week posted a video (accompanies this post) from David Rochkind, an award-winning photographer working on a project to illustrate the impact of tuberculosis on the world. In the video, Mariana Bernofsky tells of her experiences as a pregnant woman with TB in Balti, Moldova. More of Rochkind’s work is available on his blog.

Sten Vermond, a member of our Scientific Advisory Committee, recently published a review in Clinical Infectious Diseases of two promising strategies for “treatment as prevention:” preexposure prophylaxis and “test and treat.” He and co-authors argue that the HIV epidemic can be controlled by maximizing the potential of these existing methods, developing new strategies for prevention, and then combining them effectively.

A new World Health Organization (WHO) recommendation that mothers who are HIV-positive and on ARV treatment can breastfeed their children for up to twelve months without passing on the infection has created confusion among mothers in Uganda. According to an IPS story, for the last ten years Ugandan mothers have been urged to breastfeed for up to three months only.

According to the Associated Press, a nationwide civil service strike in South Africa has hurt AIDS patients by preventing them from getting much-needed care.  One clinic in Johannesburg, which usually sees 60 to 80 HIV/AIDS patients daily, has only seen 20-30 each day since the strike began a week ago.

Finally, a PlusNews story reports that only one-third of Kenyans infected with HIV and TB are receiving treatment for both diseases, in large part due to poor communication between HIV and TB treatment centers. The Kenyan government is implementing a pilot program in three provinces that combines HIV and TB treatment to address this problem.

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