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The ONE campaign has launched a campaign to ensure that by 2015, no child is born with HIV (campaign video accompanies this post). Erin Hohlfelder has a great post on the ONE blog explaining how we can accomplish that goal.

Alanna Shaikh discusses the “corporatization of global health” on the End the Neglect blog this week. Prompted by a session at the Clinton Global Initiative, she cites corporations’ increasing interest in global health and argues that neglected tropical diseases – one area where extended corporate involvement has been beneficial – could be a good model for this “new world of corporate engagement.” She also has a few overview posts from the MDG Summit at Blood and Milk.

Huascar Robles at Change.org has a post on HIV stigma in the Caribbean. Out of fear of retribution, many avoid getting tested, contributing to the spread of the disease. From the post:
One word. Then everyone knows.  Soon, families suffer. Neighbors discriminate against you, and finding employment becomes a daunting task. It might sound a bit preposterous, but in the Caribbean, small islands of near-feudalistic societies, these could be the consequences if people find out you’re HIV positive.

Given that, who’d want to get tested — or treated?
Finally, an IRIN/PlusNews story looks at MDG 6 – halting and reversing the spread of HIV/AIDS. It looks at the global effort to achieve MDG 6, examining what works and where more research is needed.

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