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Dr. Sten H. Vermund – a member of the Center’s Scientific Advisory Board – released a new report in Current HIV/AIDS Reports this week on the significance, challenges and opportunities in combination HIV prevention strategies. He suggests that these “prevention packages” be scaled up and their effectiveness evaluated.

A Lancet article this week examines the Stop TB Partnership. The piece outlines challenges to tuberculosis control and proposes solutions.  It argues that treatment should be integrated into efforts to reduce poverty and treatment of other diseases that often co-exist with tuberculosis, and specific goals should be set to “inspire new partners to push for tuberculosis elimination.”

This week, the World Health Organization released its first report on neglected tropical diseases.  Erin Hohlfelder at the ONE blog has a good post on the significance of this publication, saying it is the end of “report neglect” on NTDs.

On her Global Health Blog, Karen Grepin has a good post on the Obama Administration’s announcement last week that it would provide $130 million to strengthen medical schools in 12 countries around Africa.

At the Global Health Hub, Sarah Arnquist writes about her experience with the National AIDS Program in Indonesia, where the AIDS epidemic is focused on injection drug users and sex workers. It leads her to pose a challenging question: “How does one scale programs that meet local needs?”

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