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iPrEx results are in; Six experts offer thoughts

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Today The New England Journal of Medicine released the positive results of the Pre-exposure Prophylaxis Initiative (iPrEx) trial, which looked at whether daily oral dosing of two FDA-approved antiretroviral (ARV) medications used to treat HIV/AIDS — tenofovir and emtricitabine, combined in one tablet (Truvada) — can prevent HIV transmission in high-risk populations. This study looked specifically at men who have sex with men (MSM) who are at high-risk of infection. Trial investigators found that daily dosing indicated a 44 percent reduction in the incidence of HIV, with detectable levels of the study drug in participants’ blood strongly correlating with the prophylactic effect. The study enrolled nearly 2500 HIV-negative MSM at 11 locations across the globe, including Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, South Africa, Thailand and two locations in the United States.

The Center gathered responses to the trial results from leaders in the field of HIV/AIDS medicine, policy and advocacy.