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WHO issues new guidelines for TB prevention among HIV-positives

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The World Health Organization (WHO) has released updated guidelines for preventing TB among persons living with HIV in resource-limited countries, including the recommendation that those presenting without active TB receive at least six months of isoniazid prophylaxis treatment (IPT).

TB is the most common killer of HIV positive people, and approximately 380,000 people living with HIV die from TB every year.

In order to adequately identify candidates for the isoniazid therapy, a simple, standardized TB screening rule for people living with HIV in resource-constrained settings is included in the guidelines…

Haiti leans on AIDS program infrastructure to rebuild health system

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[podcast][/podcast] One testimony to the strength of the U.S. government’s AIDS program in Haiti: Four months after the devastating 2010 earthquake, the number of those treated for AIDS was at 95 percent of pre-earthquake levels. In addition, said senior U.S. health officials in a briefing to reporters, the number of pregnant women receiving AIDS treatment […]