Video: A Ugandan doc speaks to the importance of AIDS funding on the ground

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Drs. Evelyn Ford (top left), Samar Mehta (top middle), and Juliet Akao (top right) at a meeting with a staffer from Sen. Lindsey Graham’s (R-SC) office.

Last week, the Center for Global Health Policy hosted three Fogarty International fellows in Washington, DC, and escorted them to the Hill to meet with key legislators with influence over global health programs and appropriations. 

Drs. Juliet Akao, an HIV medicine specialist from Uganda, Samar Mehta, and Evelyn Ford all recently participated in the National Institutes of Health Fogarty International fellowship program. The program encourages “twinning” of researchers – one from the United States and one in-country – during the program. Drs. Akao and Mehta were “twins” during their Fogarty stints in Uganda, each benefitting from the expertise of the other.

Dr. Akao, a native Ugandan that has been practicing medicine since 2000 and now works at the Joint Clinical Research Center on integrated healthcare, describes the difference U.S. investment in the global AIDS epidemic has made in Uganda in this video clip.

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