Medicines Patent Pool launches searchable patent status database

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The Medicines Patent Pool launched a new resource this week – a database with searchable patent information on 23 antiretroviral (ARV) drugs, including some pipeline products, in 67 countries. Developed in collaboration with the World Intellectual Property Organization and 29 national and regional patent offices, making information on who is legally able to manufacture or import medicines in which country is another step in combating barriers to accessing medicines.

“The ARV patent database provides a unique and powerful resource for people trying to understand the complex landscape of ARV patents, especially those working to increase access to medicines in developing countries,” said Ellen ‘t Hoen, executive director of the pool, in a press release.

The database holds information on who holds the patent, reference numbers for patent applications, expected dates of patent expiration, and in which countries the patents have been filed for, granted, withdrawn or do not apply. 

While the database is the most complete single source of open access information about these critical public health-related patents in developing countries, the site does warn that the information provided is just a snapshot at a particular point in time based on the information that was available to the MPP, and should not be considered a complete and authoritative source of patent information on ARVs. The database will continue to grow as more data becomes available.

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