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Civil society speaks out at UN in advance of AIDS high-level meeting

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“This year is a moment of truth in the global AIDS response… We are on the brink of real success but funding has flat-lined,” said United Nations (UN) Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Friday at an informational interactive hearing for members of civil society in advance of the High-Level Meeting (HLM) on HIV/AIDS, set to take place in New York City June 8-10.

“HIV continues to spread – five people are infected every minute of every day,” Ki-moon said, reflecting on the last high-level meeting on AIDS in 2001, where targets such as universal access to treatment for all HIV-infected persons and the virtual elimination of mother-to-child transmission by 2010 were declared. “The targets we set in 2001 remain valid but the deadlines we set for meeting them have passed…” (Read more)

Arming Africa with rectal microbicides: Project ARM

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The following is a guest blog post by Jim Pickett, chair of International Rectal Microbicides Advocates (IRMA) and director of Prevention Advocacy and Gay Men’s Health at the AIDS Foundation of Chicago.

Since 2005, our network of more than 1,000 scientists, advocates, policymakers, and funders from six continents that makes up International Rectal Microbicide Advocates (IRMA), has advocated for the accelerated research and development of safe, effective, acceptable and accessible rectal microbicides for the women, men, and transgender individuals around the world who engage in anal intercourse…. (Read More)