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A major step in HIV vaccine research, but much more to do

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In commemoration of HIV Vaccine Awareness Day (May 18), Science Speaks conducted the following interview with Louis Picker, MD, associate director of the Oregon Health & Science University’s Vaccine and Gene Therapy Institute. Dr. Picker led a team of researchers from VGTI, the National Cancer Institute – Frederick, and the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative that reported a promising HIV vaccine approach in the advance online edition of the journal Nature last week.

Investigators gave 24 healthy rhesus macaque monkeys a vaccine for simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV), the monkey equivalent of HIV, containing a genetically modified form of the Rhesus cytomegalovirus, which is used as a “vector,” or a carrier that transfers an infective agent from one host to another. Thirteen of the monkeys responded to the vaccine, with 12 of the monkeys showing no signs of SIV infection 12 months later. Authors say this will significantly contribute to the development of an effective HIV vaccine for humans… Read More