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Global Health advocates discuss urgent need for new vaccines

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When John Lusingu began working as a doctor in southern Tanzania in the mid-1990s, he immediately grew frustrated from the lack of resources, human capital, basic equipment, and other necessities required to run a healthcare system. With many of his patients dying from AIDS, the young doctor quickly realized new solutions were needed to fight diseases like HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria, which were ravaging communities.

A decade later he began to research HIV/AIDS epidemiology, and now serves as a co-principal investigator for the RTS,S malaria vaccine trial in Tanzania. Lusingu joined with other global health advocates to highlight the urgent need to develop vaccines for the deadliest global epidemics…

Global Fund hosts meeting on HIV financing challenge at UN

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Speakers including Global Fund and UNAIDS officials, two African health ministers, a U.S. State Department official and a Nigerian woman living with HIV addressed a packed room on the thorny issue of finding the financial resources for universal access to HIV treatment, prevention and support. A number of speakers lauded the progress in the AIDS response to date and the instrumental role of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria in that response. State Department official John Monahan assured the audience that the United States was “more committed than ever” to the global AIDS response and also articulated a commitment to use every American tax dollar wisely and to coordinate efforts with the Global Fund to avoid duplication of effort and services. But he also noted the need to be realistic and the need for other donors and the private sector to do more to get the job done…