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Walter Reed Program delivers on science and care in Kericho, Kenya

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The following is a post from Center for Global Health Policy Director Christine Lubinski, who recently traveled to Kenya with a group of Capitol Hill staff from key Congressional offices with jurisdiction over global health funding or programs.

Amidst the beautiful tea plantations of Kericho, the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI)/Walter Reed Program supports research and clinical excellence. This effective Kenyan/U.S. government partnership has brought research training and good jobs for Kenyans and lifesaving clinical care to many…

Activists warn trade agreements could impact access to affordable medicines in poor countries

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On September 10, the 8th round of negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement (TPPA) – a controversial pact between the U.S. and eight countries in the Asia-Pacific region – will be taking place in Chicago. The meeting will include trade representatives from the U.S., Australia, Brunei, Chile, Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam – and other stakeholders such as corporations with global interests.

The negotiations will consider inclusion of pre-grant opposition procedures, a process which allows interested parties to submit information to the patent examiner before deciding whether or not to approve a drug firm’s application for a patent. Global health advocates argue that the process facilitates increased access to affordable medicines…